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From: Andy Signore <******>

Subject: How Superman would Rape women

Date: December 14, 2012 12:16:31 PM EST

To: Lux Alptraum

Greetings again Lux,

You’ve linked to me a lot in the past! I now Lead creative over at and their other properties…

I’m oddly proud of this newest installment of our ScreenJunkies show and thought it might be worthy of the site? :) While not super explicit, it takes a turn for the rapey…

We got the Hollywood Blvd Superman (from the popular doc “Confessions of a Superhero”) to review the latest MAN OF STEEL Trailer -

But things take a turn for the more Bizarro… or impressive - depending how you look at it :) We end up having phone sex with him, as well see his collection of naked 18 year old online girlfriends… and here how he’d rape women as Superman - And it’s all 100% Real!

Would love to remain in touch to give you a heads up on future stories if you’re interested? 

Thanks again for previous support!!



Oh and in case you missed our latest Honest Trailer - here it is!

Honest Trailers - The Lord of the Rings

My reply:

Hey Andy,

I’m not sure if you’re aware of this, but I am a) a woman and b) a sexual assault survivor, and so—while I’m totally down with any fantasies of nonconsensual sex that consenting adults may engage in—getting an email with the subject “How Superman would Rape women” actually just makes me feel incredibly uncomfortable, deeply upset, and totally uninterested in linking to any content that you are creating.

I’m not particularly interested in giving you a lecture on rape culture (if you’re interested, you can educate yourself here:, but needless to say, sending off an email in which you position rape as something totally cool and awesome, and assume that the recipient of your email will naturally agree with that viewpoint, is deeply fucked and incredibly offensive.

In short, please check yourself before you go around glorifying rape in the future.



UPDATE: His reply:

Lux - I deeply apologize - You are completely right… It was was written fast - and in hindsight it was completely misleading and offensive. The title was an attempt to flag attention, and that was the incredibly wrong route to go. I truly apologize and completely value your feedback - it won’t happen again in any of my emails to anyone.

While not trying to justify my actions - I do want to say that my intent was quite the opposite… just to put in perspective.

We’re a movie news site so we went to document this man, the hollywood blvd superman - to review the man of steel trailer - out of nowhere he begins to explain how women online fawn over him - and send him naked photos, which he shares quite willingly - as our host digests this and plays along - he attempts to change the subject… “Superman” is then asked “what super power would you want” - he promptly responds: “power of flight, so i could take the girls up in the air - and if they dont fuck, i don’t bring em down”.

Needless to say - the turn the piece took was extremely awkward and unsettling…  But we tried our best to document it as such - never glorify it - I expected sites like yours to rip apart this Superman and his non-chalant way of speaking about such subject matter. Had I been able to read the subject and email out loud, you would have heard disdain and shock in my voice.

I wish I had worded my subject differently and I truly appreciate you reaching out and putting my in my place. This was an important lesson to learn, and I appreciate you teaching it to me.

Again my sincerest apologies, 


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